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Dscho Utra Tibetan Terriers
Welcome to the home of the Dscho Utra Tibetans. Tibetan Terriers are also called Little People and the name fits them very well. Being very intelligent and agile they sure know how to have fun. We hope you enjoy these pages as well and please feel free to send us your comments or questions.

Located in the heart of the US, Dscho Utra Tibetan Terriers are originally from Germany. I have had the pleasure of Tibetan Terrier company for over 14 years. In 1988 we arrived in St. Louis with three females, Jeanney, Tara and Atisha. We were showing and breeding in Europe and found new friends and fellow breeders and exhibitors in the United States and Canada.

In summer of 1989 we brought a boy to our group. His name is Si-mo and he has added a lot of joy to our lives. Pictured above is his son "Hawk". Once one meets a Tibetan Terrier it is easy to become a fan of the breed. They are truly unique and each individual has his or her own personality.

These pages are an attempt to give you an idea on how special this breed is, with information and links to other interesting sites. Please keep checking in on us as we will add more details constantly.

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